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      Sales hotline: 021-57858488

      About Inductek

      Company Brief

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      InducTek Power Electronicsas a companies’ group, is focusing on providing magnetic components’ total solutions, its products are mainly including class H dry-type/water-cooling transformers, reactors / inductors, transformer cabinets, and K-factor transformers (patented) which are applied in heavy non-linear load environment. Its products cover power rating from 50VA to 3500KVA, switch frequency covers from 50/60Hz up to 20KHz, the voltage range covers up to 35Kv. And the products are widely applied to the industry fields of low voltage system, high frequency system, medium/high voltage power distribution system, and high voltage-high frequency system.


              InducTek is established in 2008, it is holding 4 independent subsidiary companies (3 manufacturing subsidiary companies and 1 trading company). Its 3 manufacturing factories located in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Zhejiang, and its headquarter is based in Shanghai. The companies are specializing in designing and manufacturing power electronics transformers,inductorsand high-tech magnetic materials. InducTek is a registered High-New Tech company in Shanghai, and it is registered and holding an Enterprise Technology Center. And its holds in total manufacturing facility of about 25000 square meters which are locating in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Zhejiang China, by year 2015, it holds 22 innovation or new application patents, and it is expecting fast growth.


           Our products are widely applied to the fields of high-power rating UPS (Uninterrupted Power System), Traction (Railway Auxiliary Power System,Power Charger), Photovoltaic power inverters, Wind Power converters, Motor-Driveconverters, EV (Electrical-Vehicles), Filters, Power Compensation and harmonic suppression, etc.


              Our Customers: InducTek sells most of its products and provides services to the major international companies, such as Emerson, Schneider (APC), Bombardier, Gamesa, ect., as well as to some major Chinese companies, such as CRRC, SEC, Inovance, Nari, SunGrow, and so on. And also sell to some overseas customers in Europe and USA market. Our cutting-edge technology developing system, advanced production processing, and well-equipped testing system guarantee our products and services quality and our high price/quality ratio. We appreciate the good recognition and world of mouth from some of world 500 fortune branded customers.



      Our quality system is IRIS certificated,  and was also qualified by SGS ISO9001:2008 since July 2008(Certificate: CN08/21250). We are also certificated according to: ULsystem (E360535), EN15085,andCE


           ManagementInducTek being managed by a team of expertise who had years managerial experiences in the field of electromagnetic components, most of them held years of working experiences in multinational companies and overseas studies. InducTek is looking forward to expanding its business interests in bothChinaand internationally, and the company is developing on the right track of being professional, expertise, quality, and innovations.


              Technology: With our decades years experiences, deep understanding of high frequency harmonic current effects on the core and winding, and our efficient R&D professional forces which are applying computerized tools and especially in-house developed design software, we could provide quickly and accurately our clients the proper solutions, reliable products and service, even since the customer’s project design phases. With the in-house developed software, our engineers could simulate and analyze the component performance and the parameters such as electromagnetic, heating and noise at the working circuit.


              Our production line based on the highly computerized manufacturing and testing Equipments, ERP and OA management, which efficiently guarantee our stable and consistent quality of the products.

              Our Vision:

             To be an indispensable and vital player in the industry sectors of contemporary power electronic and the new energy research and development.


              Our Mission:

              Tailor-made for each customer, high-quality solutions, products and services, and global competitiveness of cost are our mission.


              Our Belief:

              3C”:  Communication,Cooperation, and Commitment


              Our Values:

              PACT”: Passion, Achievement, Creativeness, Tolerance


      We can be  not only your supplier, but also provide you total solutions of magnetic components

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